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  • Promotes a healthy immune response and cardiovascular function

  • Vitamin, mineral and herbal support for immune health

  • Supports estrogen balance and breast and prostate health

  • Homeopathic remedies

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Biotics Research

Biotics Research has been a leader in the nutrition industry for over 40 years. Known for top-quality supplements and enhanced product delivery systems, the company drives advancement by focusing on research initiatives, unique product formulations and unprecedented quality control. A family-owned company with a rich history, Biotics Research is most proud of their valued partnerships with healthcare professionals.

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Integrative Therapeutics

For over 35 years, Integrative Therapeutics's focus has been on producing clinician-developed nutritional supplements for patients seeking to take control of their health.

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Since 1997, Energetix has served the needs of forward-looking healthcare practitioners with a line of highly-integrated nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic products

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