Seroyal Genestra Unda

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Unda 1
Description: Unda 1 has an action on the liver and all disturbances of biliary function. It eli..
Unda 10
Description: Unda 10 is useful in all hormonal, pubertal, and gynecological irregularities, due..
Unda 1000
Description: Unda 1000 is a remedy for thyroid dysregulation. According to the adaptation theor..
Unda 1001
Description: Unda 1001 has an action on the nervous and the endocrine systems. This remedy prov..
Unda 1002
Description: Unda 1002 has an action on the nervous system and stimulates the arthritic defence..
Unda 11
Description: Unda 11 has an action on the joints in cases of arthritc and rheumatic pain. When ..
Unda 12
Description: Unda 12 has an action on the skin. When the body is overloaded with toxins, it att..
Unda 13
Description: Unda 13 has an action on the liver and kidneys, two of the principle organs involv..
Unda 14
Description: Unda 14 has an action in situations of profound demineralization and a lack of nor..
Unda 15
Description: Unda 15 should be used as the primary remedy in all febrile or chronic inflammator..
Unda 16
Description: Unda 16 has an action on the hormonal and neurovegetative systems especially when ..
Unda 17
Description: Unda 17 has an action on the skin and is complementary to Unda Number 12. It is in..
Unda 18
Description: 18 has an action on the blood, spleen, and bone marrow. It works in conjunction wi..
Unda 2
Description: Unda 2 can be used for all infections and inflammations and to improve the overall..
Unda 20
Description: Unda 20 is an important remedy for detoxification of the duodeno-hepato-pancreatic..
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